Clubs in Moray

Moray offers a microcosm of the very best of Scotland: rich lowland farming; a necklace of quiet beaches, cliffs, crags and fishing villages; rolling hills and powerful salmon rivers; and the Cairngorm mountains.

Moray was once a centre of Pictland, it was brushed by the Romans and became the country of Macbeth. At Elgin was Scotland’s most beautiful cathedral. In the Middle Ages Moray was a power unto itself, able to influence the whole of Scotland. Later came the tower houses and classical mansions, the planned towns and villages, the gleaming pagodas of the world’s leading whisky distilleries and the zulus, drifters and trawlers of the fishing communities.

Moray has a character and heritage of its own and has played an important part in the shaping of our nation. The Local Heritage Centre at East End School, Institution Road, Elgin, holds a comprehensive range of unique materials about Moray’s rich past

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