Clubs in Sutherland

Caithness and Sutherland is a area of unspoilt, dramatic scenery in the far north of Scotland, indeed, on the extreme edge of Europe. The landscape features iconic mountains and flat, rolling moorlands with abundant, diverse wildlife.

The borders of Caithness are the Pentland Firth to the north, and Moray Firth to the east. Caithness meets Sutherland, together covering the far north coast of Scotland. The coast is low-lying on the east, and majestic on the north, with high cliffs and offshore stacks at places like Duncansby Head.

Wick and Thurso are the main settlements, based around harbours and making their living on a mix of fishing and tourism. Inland is the desolate flat peat bog and moorland of the Flow Country, one of the last true wilderness areas in Europe. While the population of the Flow Country is sparse, it is a popular home for numerous rare plants, insects and birds.

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