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Sconser Golf Club was formed in late 1964 and the course was later constructed on land leased to the club by Ian Campbell of Sconser. Dr Frank Deighton, a former Walker Cup player, was then asked by Mr Campbell to design and lay out nine holes for the purpose of playing golf. Mr Campbell generously offered one of his outbuildings as a club room, near the original 1st tee, close to the present 7th tee.

Over the next 20 years, the club grew and became established. In 1984 the land was purchased by the club and Mr. Alastair MacDonald was employed as a part-time greenkeeper. His son, Donnie, eventually became our full-time greenkeeper until the early 2000s.

In 1987 the club was renamed as The Isle of Skye Golf Club, and in 1988 the present clubhouse and car park were constructed with the help of MacFarlane Builders. The playing order of the holes was changed appropriately. Dr Deighton graciously accepted an invitation to open the new clubhouse and he then launched a ceremonial drive from the tee just in front of the new building.

In 1999 a tearoom and small golf-related shop were created in the clubhouse and had seasonal stewards on site. With this enhanced facility, the club was able to increase revenue from members and visitors alike.

Today the Isle of Skye Golf Club has around 170 members and employs one full-time greenkeeper and one part-time seasonal assistant to keep the course in excellent condition. ‘Seasonal’ stewards are employed in the clubhouse to look after visitors’ and members’ needs.

By far the most popular items for visitors are the club’s own-logo golf merchandise which many use as souvenirs to remind them of their pleasant experience of playing golf on the Isle of Skye.

Dr Deighton, our golf course designer, passed away peacefully in February 2018, aged 90. His daughter and her husband later met with and scattered Dr Deighton’s ashes on the golf course. They were captivated by the club and the island itself, and are very much looking forward to visiting us from time to time in the future.


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